We are two childhood friends with the belief that it’s never too late to follow our dreams. A dream was manifested 13 years ago, however, due to lack of capital and time to invest ourselves solely into our vision, it was ultimately placed on hold. We continued to work our jobs even though, at the end of the day, they were not rewarding nor fulfilling.  Now choosing to face our fears by leaving the security of the work force, we realized, we must control our minds and not allow our minds to control us.  We have ventured out on our own to become successful business owners, knowing that our dream may appear to be just a morsel of clay, but WE visualize an empire!

Not willing to let the ship carrying our cargo of opportunity, to pass us by once again, we were motivated to tread the unknown waters of possibility. Being aware of the pulse and climate of division in our world today, has brought about a rebirth of our dream. The timing is right and has inspired us to open our online store, A Higher Phase, LLC we put unique thought provoking phrases on tee shirts, caps, cups, pillows etc.  Our phrases are based on equality - one people, we are all human. Our current collection of phrases is: "I am not a Minority, I am not the Majority...I am Equal."  "I Am Human," "I Am Me," "I Am All," "A Real Man Will Stand Alone," "A Man willing to Sacrifice for his Family," "I Am the Majority...I Am Woman," "What if I were You, and You were Me? Equality,” and  “Minority and Majority are tattered…NOT FIT TO WEAR."  You can see these and others on our website at http://www.ahigherphase.com

With our experience in Customer Service and Public Relations, we are well equipped to build a successful empire! We are totally amazed at the number of hours we are willing to invest, without complaint, into our own business! Our biggest supporters are our husbands, with the sacrifice they are making in supporting us along our journey, we are eternally grateful. Though the work has been time consuming, it has also been rewarding.  The freedom of being our own boss is exhilarating; an accomplishment that need not be feared! 

 "No longer afraid, I stand inside myself taking control of my life!"

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