“One nation under God...” is the foundation which kept our flag flying high. It is by the breath of God it waves proudly, the emblem of flaming red, white and blue. Unified, five-point stars are fashioned upon our flag like fifty glowing lanterns being whipped in the wind, but never losing their light. Simultaneously, the voice of the wind blows from it trumpet the tune “God Bless America” as the flag ascends upon the silvery stake, reaching the pinnacle of its destination! Like an eagle soaring above the sky, our flag waltzes gracefully in the atmosphere with the magnitude of its authority! Again declaring, One Nation under God!

 The recent tragedy is deploring and sad! We are ONE Nation, but to the world, we were shown as a divided Nation.  Our thoughts and prayers are for people everywhere, and for the lives that have been taken throughout our history from those who say they are Americans.  We ask you one question that all need to ponder, “If a DIVIDED HOUSE cannot stand, what happens to a DIVIDED NATION?

 It’s time for change today, not tomorrow! Join us on this journey!  We design phrases to remove barriers from among us all!  


“I Am Not A Minority, I Am Not The Majority, I Am Equal (TM)

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